I was incontinent, wearing diapers at night. My seizures, that started being medicated (two and a half years ago) were coming daily and multiple times a day. Mentally, I wasn't functioning well. I was trying now my fourth prescription, none of them helped much. Night sweats were occurring often. High blood pressure. My liver was declared cirrhosis and from that my spleen enlarged. That was a year ago and my neurologist was sending me to Albany Med for a week to observe the seizures and determine where they were coming from so they could possibly perform brain surgery. My first meeting with Ed was six weeks prior to the hospital stay. Resigned to my condition and prognosis (mentally diminishing and liver transplant in 5-10 years), I went to Ed for a frivolity, my sense of smell that I had lost a few years before. Ed began treating me. There were three sessions with Ed before the hospital stay. Entering the hospital I had to stop my prescribed medications. They hooked me up. I spent a week but had no seizures. That was a year ago and I've taken no more seizure medication. It's been a year now under Ed's care. My mental processing keeps improving. My confidence, cheerful demeanors, sense of humor, are
back! I feel really good, strong, peaceful. I feel younger. The high blood pressure, gone. I don't feel the effects of my poor liver. My stress management has never been better (3 jobs, 60 hour weeks). I'm happy. It wasn't just the acupuncture. It was Ed's acupuncture, and care, and teachings and being. It was Ed. He saved my life, and helped me change my life. Thank you Ed.

L..F. Greenfield Center, N.Y.

I have suffered with asthma and allergies nearly my entire life. A few years ago I started going to acupuncture, and saw results, but the acupuncturist moved away. Over time, the symptoms were back in full force and I was using my rescue inhalers and allergy medication more than recommended. I knew I needed help again, and found Ed. We corresponded through email initially, and I could already sense his compassion. During my first appointment, I immediately felt that I was in the right place. Ed has a gentle approach that could put anyone at ease. After my very first session, the results were clear. I was no longer suffering from frequent asthma attacks, specifically night time attacks, which often caused severe anxiety. After the second session I was pleased to find that some of my food allergies no longer were causing problems. I have gone from using my inhaler 6 or 7 times a day to only once or twice a week. I credit Ed and his expertise for this.
Acupuncture has clearly given me my life back!

Jennifer Young-Canton -- Mayfield, NY

My daughter Catey started seeing Ed in July 2011 for ADHD(she turned 9 in September 2011). She is combined type which means she is hyperactive, inattentive and impulsive. We have had concerns about her having ADHD since age three, but couldn't get a formal diagnosis until she was older. The summer before grade 1 she was finally diagnosed and spent all of her first grade year on various meds before we found one that worked for her (didn't cause insomnia and lasted long enough to get her through the school day). She started on the Daytrana Patch (and an anti-depressant)and although her appetite was suppressed and she was withdrawn from her peers he was able to focus and function in school overall (We had tried natural methods like diet changes-although we don't allow junk food on a regular basis and try to avoid food dyes when possible, and she has been seeing a chiropractor for natural health since birth.)

This past summer, at the end of third grade we started noticing concerning behaviors like increased aggression and sudden irrational fears. For some reason, after dealing with these behaviors for about a month I went on-line to review side effects of the patch and found one where children, teens and parents had written about their experiences of being on or having children on the patch. I became enlightened when I read about experience after experience of increased aggression and sudden onset of irrational fears (for example, my daughter would no longer go outside because she had seen a bee. Not just at that moment, but refused to go outside for longer than it took to get from the house to the car for a month). I spoke with her pediatrician, therapist and psychiatrist who all OK'd her going off the meds for the summer and trying acupuncture. At first we gave her a patch for a few hours a day, then every few days, and then none at all (with this med there is no need to wean off of it, but until the acupuncture took effect it was better for all of us!). She saw all 3 of her doctors several times during this period to review and examine how things were going. Her therapist was astounded and asked for Ed's card to pass the info on! Her psychiatrist, who isn't so much a believer in acupuncture and energy fields, etc. was also pleased with her progress! And her pediatrician, who is very open to Holistic medicine was ecstatic! By the third week she was completely off all meds. Her psychiatrist, again, being skeptical yet open at the same time, wanted to see her as soon as school started to see how she fared in a classroom setting. Her 4th grade teacher has written up 2 reports stating that she is doing very well-just needs to work on shouting out in class sometimes, but is interacting with her peers (she was always a loner at recess, and preferred to work alone in class), participating in discussions and focused! Catey sees Dr. Ed, as she call him, once every week. We couldn't be more pleased to see our daughter back to how she should be-happy, friendly, outgoing, goofy-things we didn't realize we lost when she was medicated. And she eats now! She looks much healthier and gained a healthy amount of weight at her 9 year check up. My friend, who sees Catey several times a week also commented on the positive difference she sees in her behavior. My mother and I were talking last week about Catey and her acupuncture and my mom was astonished to learn that Catey had been off her meds almost all summer and continues to be-she didn't realize she wasnt taking anything to help her control her ADHD! All this time she thought she was still being medicated-a true testiment to the validity of acupuncture!

As a side note, I will add that my daughter never had a fear of the needles, but Ed made her feel very comfortable and worked with her to ensure she felt comfortable with what he was doing. My 6 year old son has gone to my daughter's appointments a couple of times and Ed has put a needle in him to show him what it's like and now he wants to do acupunture too! Ed has changed our lives, made them drug-free for our daughter and less stressful and angry and frustrating for the entire family, for ADHD not only affects the person who is diagnosed with it, but the entire family as well. --

~Denise Dickert
Ballston Spa, N.Y.
"The best things in life aren't things"


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for using your acupuncture techniques to helping me get back on track. One day after I slipped a disk in my lower back,  I entered your office in great pain and barely able to move without the assistance of a cane. One hour in your hands, and I could put the cane aside and walked down the stairs without assistance and without pain.  I was back in the workforce within 24 hours of my visit with you. 

I came into your office at the urging of my daughter,  feeling very skeptical about acupuncture.  I am now a huge supporter of acupuncture.  My husband says he can't quite believe the results from the acupuncture treatment, but he saw them with his own eyes.  As a small business owner, I am perpetually traveling, and cannot afford to have downtime. I am both amazed and so thankful for your expertise.

Kind regards,
Jan Edmunds

Hubbell helped heal an extreme case of irritable bowel syndrome 2007

Bombarded by life, I suffered from a disconnection of my own body, intuition and vital signals screaming for help. Seven months ago I lost my brother who was very dear to me. He was a wonderful being who had been taken over by the disease of alcoholism. My struggle to stay balanced and strong during such a devastating time in my life was extremely difficult. My mind became disconnected from my body, causing my old patterns of ulcerative colitis and irritable bowels syndrome to take over my life once again.

My mental mind was not thinking properly and I watch my body loose 15 pounds quickly due to an extreme case of diarrhea. I tried to handle this situation with western herbals but the remedy was not strong enough. I had now affected liver chi causing the inability to digest fats. Finally at my most critical point, I remembered to call Ed Hubbell, who had helped me a few years back with a similar situation that was not as acute. Ed treated me weekly with acupuncture and Chinese herbal teas. He gave me homework to practice Chi Gong and learn how to trust my intuition once again. He addressed my liver chi dysfunction, diarrhea, insomnia and anemia. Each week I could feel my body strengthening and my energy coming back. I focused on a healthy diet working towards gaining two pounds a week.

Four months later from when I hit critical point when Ed began care of my acute condition, I am healthy. I gained my weight back, I have regular bowel movements and my energy levels are back to normal. When my body did not receive the proper nutrition and had extreme weight loss in short time, it not only affected my weight, strength and energy but also my mental capacity. My mental mind took the longest to come back to focus but thanks to Ed’s encouragement to think positive and be patient, I have been able to watch my mental mind slowly come back to its up most performance. I recently passed my Broker test which was a huge accomplishment for what I had just been through.

Ed has a wealth of knowledge, and he loves to teach others how they can take back their power to facilitate their own healing in between visits. Ed encouraged me to practice Chi Gong to help myself build my chi. He has a proven record of helping many people bring themselves back to health. I am thankful to have been in the care of Ed Hubbell. He truly changed my life with his alternative care and inspiration.

Cindy Acorace, Manchester NH

Getting acupuncture for Ed is like mediation, holistic healing and therapy all in one! Ed really takes the time to understand what the underlying internal and external 'pains' are. I have meditated for years and been on meditation retreats. However, taking Chi Gong from Ed has opened my internal energy to another level
altogether! My new found peace and sense of presence helps me in stressful situations. Although I have not participated in any of Ed's corporate team building exercises, I can definitely see how his calm approach and guiding style could make any dysfunctional (and they all are to a degree) corporate team more functional and productive.

Tom Laszewski

For years I've been struggling with back pain, to the point that it affected my daily tasks. I did many things to ease the pain: taking pain killers, going to physical therapy, going to chiropractic 3x a week, but that pain always seem to be lingering in the back. 

At one time, I heard someone tell me about acupuncture and how it does wonders, but being that I tried so many things that claimed to help and didn't see much of result, I was skeptical to try it. 

A year ago I discovered Ed and decided to give it a shot, and boy am I glad I did. I am almost pain free.

There are days that I don't feel my back at all, and it feels amazing because I never felt like this in my life. I have more energy, I can concentrate and think better, I am more alive and happy and enjoy my days better, which helps my family too because now they enjoy being around me. 

For years I felt miserable and people didn't like being around me because It seems that I was just complaining but in fact I was in so much pain that was overtaking my life. 

I am so grateful for Ed and what he does. No one in the area does this technique like he does, combining acupuncture with cupping, it just does wonders to you and your vitality. 

Since I started going to Ed, I have brought my mom and sister on board. My mom was suffering from swollen legs for over 10 years, her legs were getting so swollen that she wasn't able to walk sometimes. 

With just one treatment with Ed, she saw tremendous difference and now she feels great, and she can do her daily activities without feeling in pain. 

If you are looking for acupuncturist and not sure who to choose, choose Ed, you're not going to be disappointed, Ed is so passionate about his work, he truly cares about your well being and he'll do anything to make you feel better. 

Give him a try I know you're not going to be disappointed. 

Emina D Sehovic 


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