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Office Services $65/hr - $80/hr Sliding Scale


A friend of mine was telling me how much Ed helped a member of her family alleviate anxiety with acupuncture treatments. At the time, I was experiencing considerable anxiety as a result of extreme, prolonged, and sustained stress. I had two acupuncture treatments with Ed. The first relieved the anxiety to a great degree. The second treatment, one week later, was remarkable. By the time I left his office, my mood had lifted, anxiety was dissolved completely, and my energy returned. I am tempted to say this was a miraculous healing but it is truly the result of Ed Hubbell's expertise. I highly recommend him....

- Marina P.

"Ed Hubbell's healing abilities have provided me relief from
insomnia, stiffness of joints, chronic sinus congestion,
and other symptoms related to menopause and stress.
His treatments and herbal formulas have brought me
peace of mind and increased energy"
- Sandra McGlinchy LAc, Health Care Practitioner

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